Good comparison of Wahoo and Garmin

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Good comparison of Wahoo and Garmin

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Good test of the Wahoo Roam and comparison it to both the Garmin Edge 530 and Edge 830.

It's what send folks to the Karoo.
Dealing with update bugs and configuration on all brands is a big problem.
Customizing personal favorite features and feature creep adds complexity to a near lethal degree, decreasing reliability.
Karoo has much better screen performance and map library and as the other guys screens catch up, their battery performance falls bigly.
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Re: Good comparison of Wahoo and Garmin

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I would not call the Karoo map library superior, at least not to Garmin. Wahoo is a completely road centric map and no ability to change it and that's unfortunate as you cannot navigate on mt. bike single track Hard to do on a Karoo as well. Garmin offers the ability to load topo maps, either Garmin version or Open Topo Map. They also interface well with TrailForks, something Karoo desperately needs to gain popularity in the the mt. bike world.

Yes, the display of the maps that are provided are superior on a Karoo.
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