For mountain biking, it would be helpful if…

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For mountain biking, it would be helpful if…

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…the Karoo2’s position arrow displayed the proper direction when stopped as well as when moving. It would also help if grade% and other “change of elevation” related fields (e.g., VAM, etc.) reflected current conditions and were not delayed 5-10? seconds as is true on my Karoo1.

Hammerhead claims to have a 3-axis accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope onboard the Karoo2, which should make it possible to determine an instantaneous grade value. An electronic compass could provide stationary direction data, but I’m not sure if some combination of the claimed onboard sensors could calculate this, too.

Has Hammerhead implemented any of this on the Karoo2? The battery in my Karoo1 is dying and I’m approaching a decision point. Thanks.
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Re: For mountain biking, it would be helpful if…

Post by elimark1 »

Has anyone found a way to use your Karoo2 as a remote for playing music through your iPhone using its Bluetooth connection?

I am aware I could play Spotify through the Karoo with a sim card but not interested in draining the battery
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