Speed Sensor necessary ?

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Speed Sensor necessary ?

Post by Nightagent »

Hi all,

i am a newbie in Cycling and so i am b not Reallohn experienced until now.
Just bought a Trek Carbon FX and now i am looking for a Bicycle Computer, my favorite is the Karoo 2.
For the the Trek Bicycle i bought the Duotrap Sensor but i would like to use the Computer with my older Citybike as well. Currently there is no Speed or Cadense sensor installed and i am not sure if a Speed Sensor is necessary or of the Karoo 2 will get the current Speed via GPS ?

Maybe someone can Support me with Knowledge 😏

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Re: Speed Sensor necessary ?

Post by therevokid »

Hi Jorg,
The k2 will provide speed via GPS and as such doesn't "need" a speed sensor at all.
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Re: Speed Sensor necessary ?

Post by Lightingguy »

Speed sensors can be useful if riding in wooded areas where the GPS signal gets lost. Mt. bikers often use them. As well when doing a group ride, the data from a speed sensor is more "immediate", without the lag some GPS units have, thus easier to maintain a steady speed when you have a sensor. Generally not needed though and id use the device a while before you feel the need to add one.
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