Bosch Nyon vs Karoo

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Bosch Nyon vs Karoo

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Review of Bosch Nyon from Propel Bikes in NYC.
Good guy with discussion from a ebike dealer diving hard onto the Bosch universe.
How this differs from an even more proprietary versioning of The
and how it is similar to many of the Karoo functions is interesting.

One of my conspiracy theory level suspicions of HH is that they have a strategy of sellout rather than development
of a long term product. It explains many of the approaches taken that are explained away by them just being small.
Still they attracted a lot of venture money, and those guy's dream is not usually long term.

HH has a narrow base, and their relation to it seems to fuel my search for plausible explanations.

The big boys are adding "features" in a fashion that a lesser mind might assume is an arms race
trying to lose competitors in the swamp of marketing , a la the Star Wars race of anti missile defense.
"Feature" development in an open source manner is very hard to pull off , as is evidenced by the compatibility issues in the
plaints and requests.
Big G has many cross platform uses for its products in development and you see what paths they have taken and problems/challenges
their products have faced , and corporate culture aside, they ain't short on manpower to work on it.

Cobi has an interesting trajectory that seems informative, if not predictive, so the Bosch system looks like a way the products in this field can go.
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