Routing Wont Recognise Junction

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Routing Wont Recognise Junction

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I have been reviewing GPS computers and was ready to replace my Elemnt with the K2 but thought i would try creating a route in the online app first.

It seems fine on roads but I found that where two off-road trails cross, the maps don't recognise the junction. Technically there isn't a junction but in practice there is - a disused railway goes over the track but you can go from one to the other.

If I were using Komoot I would just turn "Follow Ways" off and it would allow the route.

However, a key reason for buying the K2 is so I can choose to change my route whilst riding so I'm wondering if there is a way to resolve this type of issue whilst planning a route on the K2 in situ?

I avoid roads wherever possible, is this still a good GPS for mountain biking and trail riding?


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