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Speed Sensor Error

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 1:37 pm
by egbehrens
Auto calculate overestimates speed and distance from my speed sensor by about 20%. When I track speed and distance by GPS it’s correct. I tried switching to manual calculation, used 2180 for 700x38 tires. It again overestimated by 20%. I’m aware of proper sensor sequence and made sure to have them in correct order. Is it possible the Karoo2 is using auto calculate even though I switched to manual? Do I need to unpair sensor then pair again with manual setting so it never does an auto calculate?

Re: Speed Sensor Error

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2021 10:09 am
by bikebikebike
It might help you to get the FIT file tool and compare a known run with the two set ups.
That's the first thing HH would ask you for, when you ask Support. Frankly it's essential to find where the presumed bug is.
Could be in the software, but sensor, GPS and radio issues could do it, too.
Comparing with a run caught on Strava, MMR or RWGPS on a simultaneous cell phone would help.
All use different measures, but if you need the numbers would help get ones you can use.
5%-10% differences are not uncommon , if yo look at guys like DCRainmaker, when he compares head units.