The Garmin Varia Radar

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The Garmin Varia Radar

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Has anyone here use this great device and have you had issues of the way HH has messed it up by making it leave the Karoo1 screen for battery power saving, my grip is, it takes too long to come back on to give you the early warning of any vehicle that is approaching you, I have had a car alongside me as the yellow strip came on screen. I have asked for the reversal of the Radar setting for safety reasons, in a busy urban area you know there will be traffic but in the country lanes then you're much more vulnerable to the odd car or van etc.
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Re: The Garmin Varia Radar

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I just got my Varia (RTL515, $173 after taxes @REI), so am still getting a feel for how to use it.
I'm seeing it as a very useful supplement to mirrors. Almost an equal , with different range and field of view.
Like a lot of HH info , details on it are it are scattered about, but I did notice some display lags, but I'm just not clear on
how it has been working and will feed back as I get more baseline.
It would be nice if there was a single clear comprehensive description of how the device was expected to perform
Display stripe going off makes its return more visually salient , Mute is confusing.
Monitoring connection becomes a concern. (Is there no car or did I lose the radar connection?)
Icon is unclear , but appears to have 3 modes on, off , Mute. Not consistent in its display.
If you can reliably hit the screen control , you have better luck than me.
I have the same issue with cut out on other sensors, but losing cadence won't cause me to be run over.
Confirmation of BT audio connection and function, gives me another thing to monitor, as I find
the audio alerts important, and I need better confidence in their reliability. Again, is silence absence of threat or loss of connection?

Apparently HH Varia light control is still a future feature. NP.
According to Garmin boards Varia headlight and Varia radar taillights are not able to be controlled at the same time using the head unit ,
so HH is not going to probably be better.
Light intensity is annoying to folks riding behind you , despite a peleton setting.
Banner are a mixed blessing, good to alert you, hard to get a glance at to confirm function, Mute is not intuitive.
Emphasizes the need for a central control of electronic/ electric dodads, and how patched together the cockpit is.
I was miffed that the BT of the RTL515 will only work in my backup iPhone if it uses iOS 13+, a Garmin problem
that limits my ability to crosscheck functions.
After a month I consider it as indispensable as mirrors.

I like my old MSF saying, "Mirrors say No, They never say Go"
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