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App Development

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Has anyone done any application development specifically for the Karoo?

I know that Hammerhead don't provide an SDK, but I am curious to know:

- Are there any APIs that can be used (e.g. to hook into the menu, integrate into the status bar, or create new data fields that can be viewed in standard profiles)? My guess is not, at least not that Hammerhead has exposed outside of their own development team, but...

- Does anyone have any sample code for a Karoo app? I imagine I can start with sample code for a generic Android device, but it would be nice to be able to start off with something that is Karoo-specific.

I want to build an app to consume data from the Dexcom CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) so I can monitor my blood glucose while I ride, just as I can monitor my heart rate, power, speed, cadence, or any other metric. Dexcom provides an API, so I can get the blood glucose data in realtime, I just need to display it on my Karoo, and ideally would like to do that as a data field that is displayed alongside other data fields.

I haven't developed software in years, but once upon a time I did operating system development, i.e. right in the guts of the O/S, including assembler language and C programming, so I assume I should be able to shake some dust off my skills and build an app. I'm just looking for some examples to use as a starting point.

A company called SuperSapiens ( is doing something similar, but with the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, and they don't have any integration with bike computers... i.e. It is all on your phone.
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