Does the K2 have an FCC license yet?

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Does the K2 have an FCC license yet?

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When looking up a teardown of the K1 for repair,
I found this piece from the FCC , but the K2 wasn't there.
It could go by some other name, or sent forth all anon
But if put out by the parent group, perhaps it's not come that far along.

The K1 got its papers in mid Feb of Twent' 18
And took a brief few coupl'a months before it was really seen.
So I wonder what delays there are, and if I'm barking wrong
About just when the shelves will see it ship, I hope it won't be long.

The K1 trickled out , promised in July of 17
but FCC approval didn't happen at full steam.
Did that delay the first one, after all the big promote
Had orderers start fussing, because all reviewers wrote
It up, perhaps prematurely, perhaps with hungry eyes
That saw product before 'twas ready, and got perceived as telling lies.
It needs FCC approval, just like other radios,
And if there's delaying in that task, delivery is getting hosed.
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