What's HH doing for revenue?

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What's HH doing for revenue?

Post by RustedRoot »

Selling Tee shirts?
Burning through VC funds?
Does it have enough?
No hardware sales in 4 months?

I know it got caught sideways by the coronavirus...is there a "but" which should go after this, as in "it had no contingency plan?"

I've seen no pre-announcements since its pre-pre-tickler for the K2. Anyone know with certainty what gives and when?

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Re: What's HH doing for revenue?

Post by Steve »

Good question. I can only assume that they're just running on a pretty minimal operation (in terms of developer numbers etc) and happily burning through their VC funds.
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Re: What's HH doing for revenue?

Post by Steinello »

I also can´t understand their business.
They are at a point where they compete with the great players... but they do ... nothing :cry:
If I´m very optimistic and they offer and deliver a new product in October there is a year without sales.

I really can´t understand why they don´t produce and sell a last batch of the old model.

I think we are at a point where it get more and more a risk buying a new device (if available).

... the word "soon" gets a complete new sense if this information came from Hammerhead.
... I´m a great fan of the Karoo but it went worse and worse :oops:
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Re: What's HH doing for revenue?

Post by bikebikebike »

I looked up the developer website for the Karoo Route Grabber.

450 W 33rd Street 12th Floor - R/GA New York, NY 10001 USA

Gives Hammerhead as support site. I couldn't find the program itself referenced.
Does anybody have a translation software that can translate RGA's ContentFreeAdSpeak into information containing English?
My Glossary of Vague Generalities isn't capturing it.

I hope their other efforts surpass this in clarity.
According to their home page , they consider silence violence,
and it is not clear exactly what transformation they are speeding up.

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Re: What's HH doing for revenue?

Post by nordog »

HammerHead can't be the only company that has been hit sideways in the last six months just about every form of business has been hit bad most of our fresh salad stuff came from Africa by air that must be in a dire state. I dread to think how bad it will get life as we had it will be hard soon.
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