Battery won't charge anymore

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Battery won't charge anymore

Post by Tinoschuijt »

Hey hallo and greeting from the Netherlands at first! :)

I'm having a battey issue with my Karoo. The device says that its charging, but the percentage isn't rising. In fact it keeps dropping when the device is turned on.

The strange thing is that I turned on the device yesterday after it wasn't connected to a power supply over night and it shows 99% of battery capacity. This wile the day before the percentage was around 50%

Does anyone has the same expierience and hopefully a solution?

Best regards,

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Re: Battery won't charge anymore

Post by Steinello »

I would contact the hammerhead support.
... perhaps there is a feature to provide a battery calibration ?
(I can´t find something at the support portal)
... you can also try to do a hardware reset: ... your-Karoo

... but first I would try to communicate with the Hammerhead staff over the Support-portal

... it would be nice if anybody could find out what battery fits for replacement ;-)
(I think at the moment there is no solution for a ´dead´ battery - Hammerhead doesn´t offer replacement or repair)

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Re: Battery won't charge anymore

Post by bikebikebike »

The device purports to have its configuration stored with your online account.
So, if you reset , post if you got a full restore, and anything that you lost, if that happens.
The Customer Support folks have been pretty active, and follow up would be great.

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