Cost to add SIM card

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Cost to add SIM card

Post by bikebikebike »

What plans are folks using and what are the costs to have a sim card onboard?

T-Mobile here offers a card for $10/mon.

What features can be connected through Wifi, ANT+ , BT and cell?
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Re: Cost to ad SIM card

Post by ANW »

If you don't have a free second SIM from your phone provider, FreedomPop is probably the cheapest way to get data on your Karoo if you use less than 200mb of data. If you do, then it is free.
However, the plans go up in price from there fast and as far as I know, there is no way to limit data.
Also, FreedomPop will charge you by default unless you turn off certain settings.

If you need more data, check out which has data only plans for $5 / month for 500mb of data or $10 / month for 1.5 GB.

See if you can contact Hammerhead or (formerly Mokanix) to find out the average data usage of the Karoo.
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Re: Cost to add SIM card

Post by TomS »

Google Fi does not charge an additional monthly fee for up to 4 data only sim cards per account. Usage goes against your current data plan with Fi (either per Mb or unlimited with a high cap).

I just ordered one from Google Fi (I all ready use Google Fi as my cellular provider). No charge for the data only SIM card. Nice. Estimate was that it will take about 2 weeks to arrive (either back-ordered or low priority).
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Re: Cost to add SIM card

Post by Psyclist »

Internet is dirt cheap here in Sri Lanka, I literally pay 50¢ for over half a gigabyte on a prepaid card to use within three weeks. Nominally it's twice that, with the other half for nighttime use, plus 400-something MB if you use 4G 8-)
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