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FreedomPop stopped working

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:05 am
by patrickny
I'm on the latest general-release of the software (1.132.823.3) and live on Long Island, NY, and it seems my FreedomPop Sim stopped working recently. I used the sim successfully in Early May 2020, but now, I don't get the 3G icon near the cellular bars in the top right. Has anybody else experienced this?

The sim is still 'activated' in FP, and my FP account is active.

I've taken out sim & rebooted. shows 'no sim' icon.
turned off karoo, put sim back in & rebooted. i get the signal meter back.
settings - about - status - sim = Network ATT, signal -85dbm fluctuating, cell network HSPA, service state - IN Service - Cellular Network State "Disconnected"
check for update = "please check your internet connection"

Airplane mode does toggle the cell signal meter, but .. I don't have a 3g (or a 2g) near the signal meter.

It's as if the 'Cellular Data' toggle (from the pull down & from the system menu) doesn't do anything.

Re: FreedomPop stopped working

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2020 11:05 pm
by brennancarley
Did you get this working?

I ordered a SIM from FreedomPop, inserted it, selected the FreedomPOP APN, but kit doesn't appear to be working (when I go into the status menu it shows Network = AT&T, Network Type = HSPA, Service state = in service, but Cellular network state = disconnected.

Re: FreedomPop stopped working

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 3:17 pm
by patrickny
After I was able to get in touch with FP, they said that something weird happened with my account. They reactivated it .. somehow .. and it just started working again. It was a 3G card. I'm prob going to get a FP 4G card for use with the new Karoo 2. I might get one with a 'phone number' attached (ie. not data only). I'm looking for the specs for what the K2 can do.

Good luck!

Re: FreedomPop stopped working

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 3:18 pm
by patrickny
Im assuming that you 'activated' it on the FP website, right?

Re: FreedomPop stopped working

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:45 pm
by brennancarley
I bought my SIM directly from FreedomPop and it was supposed to be pre-activated. But when it wasn't working I tried to activate it, and it told me I had the incorrect SIM #, even though I copied it directly from the SIM card. I opened a ticket and went bak and forth for 3 weeks with no progress.

I finally found a phone # to call and spoke to someone Monday, and after an hour (!) they figured out what had happened: Somehow the SIM # in their database for my account was wrong by 2 digits. No idea how that happened, but their tech team fixed it and it now works. Rode with it today and all good!

Re: FreedomPop stopped working

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:11 am
by Brolly33
Glad you got it sorted. I have been riding FreedomPOP in my K1 for 2 months now and was quite pleased with it.