FreedomPop stopped working

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FreedomPop stopped working

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I'm on the latest general-release of the software (1.132.823.3) and live on Long Island, NY, and it seems my FreedomPop Sim stopped working recently. I used the sim successfully in Early May 2020, but now, I don't get the 3G icon near the cellular bars in the top right. Has anybody else experienced this?

The sim is still 'activated' in FP, and my FP account is active.

I've taken out sim & rebooted. shows 'no sim' icon.
turned off karoo, put sim back in & rebooted. i get the signal meter back.
settings - about - status - sim = Network ATT, signal -85dbm fluctuating, cell network HSPA, service state - IN Service - Cellular Network State "Disconnected"
check for update = "please check your internet connection"

Airplane mode does toggle the cell signal meter, but .. I don't have a 3g (or a 2g) near the signal meter.

It's as if the 'Cellular Data' toggle (from the pull down & from the system menu) doesn't do anything.
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