Color of detour course

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Color of detour course

Post by tjdomsalla »


often I get confused when trying to follow a couple of blue lines on a detour of a planned route. Here we have lot of small brooks or little creeks beside the pathes, with lot of intersections. Not only once it turned out that I have followed the false line …
If I am not the only one, maybe another color for alternate courses could be useful?

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Re: Color of detour course

Post by Sloucher »

I agree entirely TJ.

I planned a route a few days ago and went out yesterday to follow it. I'm not sure why, but I did go off route fairly early on and was very confused by the detour route back to my planned route. We have a large number of small streams and rivers close to where I planned to go, and finding the route in amongst the water courses was very tricky. I had to keep stopping to check, as its almost impossible to differentiate between real routes and rivers whilst on the move!!


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Re: Color of detour course

Post by Dobbel »


I think this would be a valid Request for Change.
In Europe we do have a lot of water. Rivers, canals and small brooks, where the Thin Blue Line is hard to see.

Next to change the colour It would also help to show the tell-tales (showing which direction is the correct route) also for the detour line


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Re: Color of detour course

Post by dthempel »

Tend to agree, but I have that complaint with almost *all* of the color choices they make, or in many cases don't make. Why is the course on the map in red, but the cues are in yellow? Why is the "off-course" map line blue, but the cues red? Extremely disjointed UI design. It's been made even a bit worse with the latest ATG, since now they've changed the font. It's mis-sized or oddly-sized on many screens, doesn't seem to make the font in the main UI, and doesn't seem to match the font used for the summary screen?

I've been trying to collate a bunch of these thoughts and screenshots into an ATG post, but it feels like they've got different people working on different pieces of the SW and UI and no one talks to each other?

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