Any tips of setting up for a trainer?

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Any tips of setting up for a trainer?

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I have had mine for ~2 mos, pretty happy with it ,
once I figured out what it wanted,
and stopped and made sure it had the right buttons pushed.
twice over, to make sure it was recording

I have a Wahoo Tickr, and Mangene sensors for cadence and speed , which paired on the bike well as did the BT audio.
I wanted to set up another bike for use with my trainer (Cyclops Fluid2)
Connected cadence sensor without problem but couldnt get a speed sensor to work with the Karoo
I haven't' put the speed sensor on another bike yet to validate it as fully functioning, but it connects with both BT and ANT to the Karoo, just wont display speed/dist on trainer. (they worked and connected using Zwift and iPhone in other apps)

I am assuming it preferentially uses the GPS for speed and can't find a way to override that.(NB this alone did not fix things early in the process. see below)
ANT+ and BT both connecting with the speed sensor and Cadence
I will see if the sensor works OK on another bike with BT and the iPhone rather than the Karoo, as it could be connecting but not transmitting data
and try it as a cadence sensor as well , but I am pretty far down the trouble shooting tree and was wondering if anyone had set up a Karoo on a trainer and if they had issues.

What a task.
Got it working. no step until the last one resolved things
1) replaced batteries in the new units with 3.21 and 3.13 volts in old batts new bats 3.29v
2) removed ALL connections to other sensors and reconnected. (Multi bike set up, uninstalled and disconnected apps on other computers as well)
3) Restarted Karoo several times, once between each step
4) turned off GPS in Karoo sensors. This is apparently where the choice for speed and odometer source sensor are made. (or not)
5) Looked into all sensor settings , as there were some that got disabled (?how, done by reset, change or conflict?). good news is that you can get sensor readings for speed cadence and battery voltage in Sensor Settings without having to test with a new ride, finding connections early. nice feature.

Not something I would want to do again.
It took a spare bike, spare battery's , spare sensors, Spare computer/phone,other apps, VOM, lots of time, lots of patience

Follow up from Frank @ HH TS/CS: (thanks, Frank):

I would suggest that you move the speed sensor that you are using higher in priority over the in-built sensor.
This will certainly help and is recommended if you are doing indoor rides on a trainer.
Please see: Customising Sensor Precedence

To prioritize sensors and calibrate power meters:
Drag and drop sensors in the sensors list to prioritize them - higher in the list is higher priority
If the Karoo detects two connected sensors of the same type (e.g. two heart rate monitors), it will give precedence to whichever sensor is higher in the list
The Karoo's in-built GPS is in this list, allowing you to dictate whether to use GPS or a speed sensor to determine speed
(dictate by either moving in list or disabling or both. may need to turn of/on)

EDIT: 2/7/20
stable and working well
The multiple configurations set up was not real clear but works pretty well when the config is achieved.
I have 3 bikes and a trainer set up and it switches through and changes config in a stable fast and consistent fashion. all with Mangene sensors for speed and cadence, using ANT+ and BT, with MapMyride on iphone as a back up and a cross check. There was variability between the Karoo and MMR, but that is understandable when the different systems , location determination and sampling rate issues were reviewed. Was 10% with iphone system, consistently higher.
HRM is another matter, but those things are more a toy and not ready for prime time , by a wide margin.
Next move is to get a power meter and a chip in my neck.
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Re: Any tips of setting up for a trainer?

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Sensor precedence issue keeps coming up and sensors, especially ones with both BT and ANT+, need attention to precedence and sometimes one with both ANT+ and BT appear to need one of the options Disabled.
How interference is handled has been unclear.
the topology of the BT networks that are now being ubiquitous are hard to map and I am frequently needing to go to a remote site to check what is trying to connect and test connections.
When it is working it is fine, but I cannot test and ride at the same time, So I just don't even try to use any feature that is balking.
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