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Deny Allow

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:21 am
by Brian
Most sideloaded apps require you to allow them to access the Karoo. It's always a simple popup window with the choices of Deny or Allow.

My Karoo will NEVER let me choose allow. It will always allow me to choose deny, which is the only way to close the window, since you must choose one. And I can't figure out why.

Fortunately, most apps provide a workaround by allowing access from the app's Setting menu. Komoot is a great example. Without allowing access to the Karoo GPS, Komoot doesn't work (at least without a SIM, which I don't use).

Has anyone else experienced this?


Re: Deny Allow

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:38 am
by dbareis
You haven't said if the allow button looks normal or what happens if you click it. It may be that another previously installed app s drawing over the screen and Android's security is preventing you from clicking it. Have you tried going to the app's settings and doing it that way?

Re: Deny Allow

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:04 pm
by Brian
The Deny and Allow look identical. They are just words, with no button like border. There is nothing covering the Allow button that would appear to affect its functionality. When I touch Allow, nothing happens. Period. There is no way to "X Out" of the window, so the only way to get it to close is to touch Deny, which works perfectly. It's as if the Allow button is turned off.