There is now offline routing on Karoo.

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There is now offline routing on Karoo.

Post by azrielwasser »

It seems that with the most recent software update - 1.99.692.3 - you can now navigate offline by long-pressing on the map screen while in a ride. Does anyone think that they will add offline address and POI based routing soon?
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Re: There is now offline routing on Karoo.

Post by JohnJ80 »

Yes. They have said as much. POI efforts are fairly high up on the ToDo list.
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Re: There is now offline routing on Karoo.

Post by gadaga »


Juste downloaded the lyes version (1.99.692.3)

When I try to create a route from scratch while beeing offline it says ''no internet connection'' so no way to plan a route. What you're saying is that this would be possible while riding?

Why the difference?

And how do you edit in ride being offline (even beeing on-line I can't do that)? I can't seem to do that!

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Re: There is now offline routing on Karoo.

Post by Psyclist »

I just tried it this morning, seems it's still a ways off from real offline route creation although the hardest bits should be done. What it can do is that you long-press any point on the map and then click the little cyclist icon to be routed there, but the route disappears once you close the bar thing that appears on top of the display. I haven't tried longer distances but the couple of km I routed looked sensible and the routing was really fast. The probably have to solve a few UI issues to get the workflow for creating a route from several waypoints, save it, possibly edit saved routes offline, etc.
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