oh no! Toggling TBT-instructions feature has been removed from the Quick-Menu

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oh no! Toggling TBT-instructions feature has been removed from the Quick-Menu

Post by Dobbel »

It is not easy and not safe anymore since the last update to have the TBT-instructions turned on and/or off, while cycling.
Previously (before release v1.85.670.3) this could be done via the Quick-MENU (activated by the top-right button on the Karoo)

I think this is a real miss and would like to have this feature back integrated in the Quick-Menu.

I posted this to Hammerhead:
Previously during a ride you could quickly toggle ON/OFF the TBT Instructions during your ride.
This was possible via "pushing the top-right button" and than "select TBT ON or OFF".

That was very flexible and easy, during a ride. Safe as well and you had no reason to stop next to the road.

With the previous release, this way of selecting is not there anymore.......... at least that was what I experienced last weekend. And nothing was mentioned in the Release Notes.

With the previous release version 1.85.670.3 the "Turn-by-turn banner behavior is now configurable on a per page basis"
That seems cool and is a good addition, BUT when after starting the ride now you have lost FLEXIBILITY because the TOGGLING ON/OFF feature has vanished and is not there anymore.

Did I miss something?? Is the TOGGLING ON/OFF feature for the TBT instructions still there, but have I overlooked it?
When this feature was removed from the Karoo software, than my request: please integrate this feature again, ......please.

Last weekend I rode a partially new ride of 100KM, but the last 25KM where known to me. For the first 75KM the TBT-instructions where very helpful, but for the 25KM I preferred to have the MAP and the Metrics without interference of the RED BAR with TBT-instructions.

= Than Hammerhead replied whether I am confused, because they integrated this as part of PROFILES =
And I am not confused. From your answer I understand that I am right and that Hammerhead did remove this FEATURE from the quick-menu that was easy and safe to go into with just 1 push of a button. The top button on the right hand side of the Karoo.

So in the new software release, as you mention, you have to go in to your Profile again and edit that.
I really don´t know what you understand from "during your ride", but my understanding is that you don´t have to stop your bike and push multiple buttons and via several menu´s.

In previous releases up till now, it was possible to do this via the Quick-Menu, without having to stop next to the road and interrupt your ride and have your group waiting for you.

So my question and request is to reconsider this and provide this feature to the community.
For the fact of ease and for the fact of safety.

Because if I would execute your instructions while cycling, than I guess people would have high risk of ending up in hospital.

Can you please integrate this in a next release into the quick-menu please?

Thanks and regards,
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