hammerhead karoo gps bike computer

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hammerhead karoo gps bike computer

Post by hopdvyy »

so, i'll start a new thread here. i've read something like that for the garmin edge 1030 thread, and here i am.
i've looked through this device and think that it's not so bad.
there is only one thing: i'm not sure karoo can make more than garmin.
i mean speed and all this stuff. in the garmin, everything works well.
but karoo, if i don't have a mistake, has android on it. as for maps for navigation, do i have to load anything extra? or just use google maps?
do i always need a sim-card with internet in it or can it be connected without it?
and what is your opinion in comparison with other options? why have you bought hammerhead karoo? is it worth?

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Re: hammerhead karoo gps bike computer

Post by the5krunner »

i bought a garmin forerunner 945 and a button didn't work
i bought an garmin edge 530 and a button didin't work
i persevered with climbpro and it didn't work (properly)
previously i had a fenix 5 and they were unable to properly pair with ant+ sensors because of the antennae design (probable cause)

but, yes, Garmin have more features on their top-end devices than any other manufacturer.

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