Current Software Version - 1.214.1051

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Old Software Version - 1.184.978.12

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.184.978.12
Release Date 28 January, 2021


We’ve added an interactive map of your whole ride to the Ride Summary. Zoom in and pan around to review the details, or simply admire the accomplishment of a good ride finished strong.


We’ve improved the way you end your rides, whether you use the touchscreen or the hardware buttons. You’ll never accidentally end a ride again.


We’ve added 3s, 5s, 10s, 30s, Average, and Lap Average data fields for Left/Right power balance. (These require a power meter that supports power balance.)


We’ve simplified the Karoo 2’s beeper alerts for Radar to keep you safe without confusing or overwhelming you.


We’ve added the ability to select Rides and Workouts entirely via hardware buttons.

Bug Fixes

- We’ve improved our Total Ascent calculation to better account for changes in elevation. This will particularly help when your ride includes some climbing at low speeds (e.g. mountain biking, etc.).
- [Karoo 2 only] We’ve sped up the shutdown process on Karoo 2. No more waiting minutes for the screen to turn all the way off.
- [Karoo 2 only] We’ve adjusted the way the “pause” and “lap” buttons behave when the screen is in the process of turning off and on, to reduce the likelihood of accidentally pausing or lapping when you don’t intend to.

Profiles Related Fixes

- We fixed a problem that would cause Karoo to become stuck on a single data page until the ride was ended, regardless of the profile selected.
- We fixed a problem that prevented certain profiles from being deleted.

Sensor Related Fixes

- We fixed a problem that could prevent Karoo from responding quickly to Di2 inputs (e.g a shift of a gear, a press of a hood button, etc.).
- We fixed a problem that could prevent Karoo from accepting data from connected speed sensors. In these scenarios, the sensor was connected properly (which could be verified in the sensors app), but Speed would remain blank in-ride.
- We fixed a problem with certain power meters that, when connected over Bluetooth, prevented L/R Power Balance from working. We also fixed an issue where cadence data could be intermittently dropped, even as the sensor stayed connected.
We fixed an issue that could cause SRM brand power meters to calculate power inaccurately.
- We fixed an issue that was preventing Enabling/Disabling a sensor to take effect if the sensor detail page was left too quickly afterward.

Data Field Related Fixes

- Adjusted the sample data shown for vertical speed in the page profile application when setting up a new page with a vertical speed field.

Dashboard Software

- We’ve added two new Partner Integrations: Komoot and Xert! Upload your rides to both services, either right after the ride from Karoo or later from Dashboard.
- We’ve made two fixes related to GPX files: the first prevented GPX files from uploading to Dashboard on mobile devices, and the second caused GPX files to download from Firefox without the .gpx extension.
- We’ve made two fixes related to Route Sharing: the first led some shared routes to incur "Route Unavailable" errors, and the second prevented route links from opening if you weren’t signed in to Dashboard ahead of clicking the link.
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Old Software Version - 1.187.987

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.187.987
Release Date 11 February, 2021


We’ve improved our navigation guidance when following a route outside of known roads. The instruction to “Follow Map” has been replaced with more detailed guidance for these sections of imported routes.


We’ve updated our maps to include the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, etc.). (A factory reset is required to make these available.)


[Karoo 2 only] We’ve updated the in-ride button functions on Karoo 2 so that the same button that starts the ride also pauses the ride and resumes the ride. This makes the Karoo 2 easier to learn how to use, and consistent with the usage of Karoo 1.

Because this is a change to such a fundamental function, we are also turning every device’s Key Button Icons back on to make sure everyone can see this change. You can still turn your Key Button Icons off in Settings if you would like


[Karoo 2 only] Karoo 2 will now alert you if your phone disconnects. The alert can be swiped away, or it will clear if your phone reconnects.


[Karoo 2 only] We’ve added the ability to turn Karoo’s screen off from the Quick Actions menu (for use while riding) and the Power menu (for use when not riding). This makes it easier to learn how to use the Karoo, as well as prevents accidentally pausing a recording when you want to turn off the screen in-ride.

Bug Fixes

- We’ve fixed an issue that was preventing some rides from syncing to Dashboard.
- [Karoo 2 only] We’ve fixed an issue that caused the Karoo screen to freeze for a short time after it was turned back on. This led to data appearing to drop out as part of turning the screen on, even though nothing had disconnected.

Dashboard Software

- We’ve added Workouts to the Dashboard. Now, you can sync and view your TrainingPeaks workouts on Dashboard, just like on Karoo.
- We’ve added the ability to rename a ride on Dashboard.
- We’ve fixed an issue with Live Tracking that was preventing the “Last Updated” time from working correctly.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented users from viewing a Live Tracking link if they weren’t logged in ahead of clicking the link. Now, users who aren’t logged in to Dashboard are prompted to do so when they follow a Live Tracking link.
- We’ve made a number of other small refinements and fixes to the Dashboard.
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Old Software Version - 1.189.994

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.189.994
Release Date 25 February, 2021


We’ve added upcoming elevation when navigating to a Pin or Point of Interest. Route to Home from Quick Actions, tap on any POI mid-ride, or long-press to navigate anywhere and you’ll be able to see a full-resolution elevation graph in the Upcoming Elevation data field.


We’ve continued to refine the Total Ascent calculation to better match other platforms.


[Karoo 1 only] We’ve repositioned all button graphics on Karoo 1 to align correctly with the physical buttons.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a rare syncing issue between Karoo and Dashboard.
- Fixed an issue that could cause short intervals in planned workouts to be “missed” by FE-C trainers. This led to the trainer not changing target wattage until the next interval.
- [Karoo 2 only] Fixed an issue that prevented Karoo 2 from connecting to wifi on particular routers.

Android Companion App (1.5.0):

- Fixed issues that could crash the Android companion app.

Dashboard Software:

- Fixed an issue preventing the import from Google Maps of routes with particular characters in the URL.
- Fixed an issue that disabled the Upload Route By URL button after it had been used once.
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Old Software Version - 1.198.1007.3

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.198.1007.3
Release Date 25 March, 2021


We’ve simplified the Home screen of Karoo. Start recording a ride by pressing the yellow Play button, or access all your apps by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. You can uninstall any non-Hammerhead apps directly from this screen now, simply hold down on the app you want to remove.


Your full list of Turn-By-Turn Directions, your full Lap History, and your most recent Phone Notification are now available at any time in-ride, and they’re largely hardware-button controllable.

- To open the Drawer: swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or press the bottom two buttons together. It will open to whichever Tab you last viewed.
- Note: Opening the drawer with hardware buttons is only available on Karoo 2.
- Note: This means that turning the screen off must be done with Quick Actions or Battery Save mode when in-ride.

- To full-screen the Drawer: while the Drawer is open, use the same swipe or button combination to expand it to full-screen.
- For TBT: full-screen view shows your full route cuesheet.
- For Phone Notifications: full-screen view shows the entire notification message.
- For Lap History: full-screen view lets you toggle which data you want to see about each lap
- You can mute and unmute automatic alerts for any of these Tabs by tapping their Tab icon at the top of the screen in full-screen view.
- To change Tabs in the Drawer: Tap or swipe between tabs, or use the Left/Right hardware buttons when viewing the full-screen Drawer.
- To close the Drawer: either swipe it down or press the Back hardware button.


You’ll always be able to see what climbs and descents lie ahead now, even if you deviate from your original route, with the Upcoming Elevation graphical data field.


Karoo can now turn on your ANT+ smart lights when you start to ride and turn them off when you finish. You can configure which of your lights’ supported modes is preferred for each light in its sensor details.


You can now add up to 4 data fields under the map if you choose, instead of above it. All existing map page layouts are still supported.


You can now mix imperial units with metric units depending on your preference. Go to Settings > Units on Dashboard or Settings > Measurements on Karoo to configure your unit preferences.


We’ve improved Karoo’s ability to reconnect to sensors that disconnect mid-ride. We’ve done this by excluding sensors that weren’t connected at the beginning of the ride. If your Karoo still won’t connect to the right sensors after resuming from a pause, you can go to sensors and make Karoo search for the right sensors.


Karoo now supports the 4iiii’s Viiiiva HR strap as an ANT+ bridge.


We’ve changed Factory Reset to force Karoo 2 to forget any paired smartphone. You will now have to repair your phone to Karoo 2 after a Factory Reset, which requires “forgetting” Karoo 2 from your phone first.

Bug Fixes:

- We’ve fixed a couple issues that prevented the Sensors List from correctly allowing BLE sensors to be prioritized.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented Karoo from correctly controlling FE-C trainer resistance.
- We’ve fixed an issue that allowed the trace of a previous ride to still be shown on the map during a new ride.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could lead to Karoo drawing an incorrect straight line on top of the Historic Elevation graphical data field.
- We’ve fixed an issue where turn-by-turn cues could be consistently early or delayed on certain routes.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented calibrating Karoo’s elevation to negative values (below sea level).
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the Ride Summary to crash if attempting to view certain rides.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could prevent workouts from showing up in Karoo’s Workouts list despite having synced properly with TrainingPeaks.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented the Upcoming Elevation graphical data field from displaying a preview when editing a Profile.
- We’ve reduced the likelihood of irregular “spikes” appearing on the map view of your route.
- We’ve improved the ability to tap on anything near the top of the screen. Previously, tapping here could make the Quick Settings “bounce” down onto the screen for a moment. This made it difficult to mute and unmute Radars, for instance.
- [Karoo 2 only] We’ve fixed an issue that caused Karoo 2 to search for a smartphone indefinitely, instead of switching off to preserve battery once it is unlikely to find a phone.
- [Karoo 2 only] We’ve fixed an issue that could lead an errant “Emergency” option to be added to the shutdown menu, making the shutdown menu unreadable.

Android Companion Application (1.6.0):

- Added more analytics to help our team better diagnose any connectivity issues between Companion App and Karoo 2.

Dashboard Software Build Version:

- Viewing a Live Tracking link no longer requires a Dashboard account.
- When syncing a route from Komoot, Dashboard now preserves any sections of the route that don’t “Follow Ways” on Komoot. Previously, these sections were liable to get overwritten and matched to nearby roads upon import. Note: for now, these sections will still be overwritten if the route is edited on Dashboard after import.
- We’ve removed certain green lines from the Dashboard map. These green lines were drawn from old data, and they didn’t affect the routing algorithm (which relies on current data), so they had become misleading.
- We’ve fixed an issue that caused the screen to go blank if the map were zoomed in too far on OCM view.
- For consistency with Karoo, we’ve changed "Activity" to “Ride” in the upload mode settings.
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Old Software Version - 1.200.1016.3

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.200.1016.3
Release Date 9 April, 2021


Karoo will now always search for WiFi when it turns on. This should make it easier to keep your Karoo in sync by downloading your latest routes and software updates quickly and automatically. (Note: WiFi is still turned off when a ride begins recording to save battery and can be toggled on anytime via Quick Settings menu)


We’ve updated the Status Bar to prevent overlap of sensor statuses and pause or auto-pause indicators.


We’ve made Lock Touchscreen the default option in Quick Actions, so locking the touchscreen now takes only 2 steps.


When paired as both a radar and a light, your Varia taillight will now stay connected to Karoo as a radar even when the light is turned off.


We’ve improved the design of the reroute line to be more visible


We’ve improved the behavior of the Phone Pairing experience to better match user expectations, making it easier to get a phone paired and know if one’s connected.


We’ve made it easier to bring up the Power Menu and the App Switcher. Previously, these required 2 full seconds of holding the bottom left or bottom right buttons, respectively.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug that could cause a ride to be erased while still recording if a sensor disconnected at certain times.
- Fixed an issue that caused the hardware buttons to stop working if a profile was opened and then closed immediately.
- Fixed two issues that prevent the “Start Ride” button on Home working as intended. One bug opened the centered profile but didn’t begin recording, and the other would open any app that had been selected with the hardware buttons in the app list.

Dashboard Software:

- We’ve added a prominent link to our Quick Start Guide during account creation so that new Karoo users can easily find the most important resources for getting started with their new Karoo.
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Old Software Version - 1.202.1020.12

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.200.1020.12
Release Date 23 April, 2021


We’ve moved Strava Live Segments into the Drawer alongside turn cues, phone notifications, and lap history. Each segment has its own tab, and up to four concurrent segments are supported. We’ve also improved every aspect of the in-ride Strava Live Segments experience:

- Users can now dismiss a segment before entering it, as well as see distance till the segment begins.
- We’ve redesigned the in-segment view for legibility and learnability.
- The results screen at the end of each segment has been redesigned to make finishing times clearer and celebrations more engaging.


We’ve renamed Vertical Speed as VAM (as it is more typically known) and added 30-second average, lap average and ride average VAM datafields. Instantaneous and 30-second average VAM can show negative values to measure descent speed, but lap and ride average only include positive values to allow you to judge your climbing performance on the day.


We’ve made a number of changes to improve the experience of connecting Karoo 2 to cell phones for notifications:

- Updated some antenna settings to help maintain connection.
- Removed the alerts when a phone disconnects.
- Cut down the time it takes iPhones to prompt for required permissions.
- Eliminated a double-prompt for required permissions on Android phones.

Bug FIxes:

- We’ve fixed a bug that could cause the Drawer to be shown when opening a profile to begin a ride. It’s supposed to stay minimized until a turn cue, message, swipe, etc. causes it to open.]
- In the 4/8 Release, we improved the style of the reroute line. But if you have had to re-reroute, you would lose that nice new reroute line styling. - We’ve fixed that.
- We’ve fixed an issue that caused the user trace polyline to disappear if you turned the screen off or left the ride app and returned.

Dashboard Software:

- We’ve added an error message to inform users that Dashboard has nothing to show for indoor rides yet.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented adding POIs on Dashboard on Android devices.
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Old Software Version - 1.205.1030

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.205.1030
Release Date 6 May, 2021


Now you can see your in-ride data black over a white background. We’ve tweaked almost every element of the ride experience in Light Mode to improve daylight visibility. You can change between Dark and Light Mode in your Karoo’s display settings.


We’ve updated the style of data field labels to be more legible.


We’ve adjusted the map for map-on-top layouts, so now you can see more of the route ahead.


We’ve added a transition between Strava Segments when you’re competing against multiple at once, so you’ll always know which segment you’re viewing.


We’ve updated Battery Save Mode to turn off when Karoo shuts down. Now, you won’t have to remember to turn Battery Save off on your next rides.


We’ve updated Radar Mute to reset when Karoo shuts down or a new Radar is paired. This ensures you won’t miss alerts from your Radar. The Radar can still be muted and unmuted in-ride.


We’ve made the map less sensitive to small changes in direction while riding and zoomed out. Now, when zoomed out, the map will be more likely to point in your general riding direction, instead of swinging about as you follow twists in the road.


We’ve improved the app switching experience on Karoo 2 to be easier and glove-friendly: simply hold the bottom-right button to return to the Home screen, where you can switch profiles, open settings, and more, all without stopping your ride.

- (Note: you can force-quit apps by double-clicking the bottom-left button when you’re on the Home screen).

Bug FIxes:

- We fixed a bug that could cause Karoo to stop receiving some fraction of the data from sensors that transmit more than one type of data (e.g. cadence from a crank-based power meter, etc.).

Dashboard Software:

- We’ve fixed a bug that prevented certain GPX files from uploading to Dashboard.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented the Elevation Graph on Dashboard from resizing when your browser window resized.
- We’ve improved the error screen that occurs when trying to open a ride that has no GPS data.
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Old Software Version - 1.208.1036

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.208.1036
Release Date 20 May, 2021


We’ve redesigned the way Karoo communicates the state of your data and sensors, for almost all data fields, for clarity and confidence.

- Numeric data fields will always show a proper value, in the proper format. For example, previously, fields such as Distance and Lap Time would show “000” before each ride. Now, they’ll show 0.0 and 00:00 respectively.
- Any data field that relies on sensors will show if that sensor is being searched for or not, so you can roll away from your rest stops with confidence.
- These treatments have been applied to all types of data fields, so you won’t get any more mixed signals from different fields for the same sensor.


We’ve made the following improvements to Strava Live Segments:

- We’ve updated the colors used in the segment experience to be more visible and legible out on the road.
- We’ve added dynamic arrangement of the current position indicator bubble versus multiple competitors. This not only makes the experience more intuitively understandable, but it also allows you to see more than one competitor when you’re “off the front” or “off the back.”
- We’ve added exciting animations to the Results screen when you set a new PR, QOM, or KOM. These can be rare achievements, and we want to celebrate them. Note: To ensure consistency between athletes, the times shown on the Karoo during an activity are preliminary, and the times shown on Strava after uploading are final.
- We’ve improved the experience of starting and saving your rides by lightening the loading screen as your ride is prepared, and redesigning the Ride Save spinner for continuity.


We’ve reengineered the software that connects your ANT+ heart rate monitor to Karoo. Now you can expect significantly faster connection times and a more solid connection.

Bug Fixes:

- We’ve fixed a bug that had caused distance to stop being recorded at the moment when sensors are either re-ordered in the sensors list, or disconnected from Karoo mid-ride. This bug would lead to speed spikes on 3rd party ride analysis tools. Note: the distance “missed” was still included in the ride total (so don’t worry, that century you did last week still counts).
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused the swiping behavior of the drawer to be unpredictable. It should be much easier to swipe between tabs in the drawer now.
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused the first calibration request to fail almost every time for crank-torque power meters. Now, it should be less frustrating to calibrate your power meter zero offset.
- We’ve fixed a bug that could cause Strava Live Segments to never show the elevation profile of the segment, and instead stay fixed on the Segment Name.
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Old Software Version - 1.210.1045

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.210.1045
Release Date 3 June, 2021


We’ve made two major improvements on the Strava Live Segments experience:

- We’ve added leaderboards to the full-screen view of Strava Live Segments in-ride.
- When approaching a segment, Karoo will show the names of all enabled competitors and their respective times on each segment.
- While competing on the segment, the leaderboard will display times as relative to yours.
- When you finish the segment, Karoo will place you and the two nearest finishers on a podium.
- We also added the segment name to the full-screen view
, and extra detail about the segment as you approach it.
- Now you can sync unlimited starred segments. Prior to this, the limit was 100. (No changes to near-by segments.)


We’ve reengineered the Karoo’s ANT+ connection to speed, cadence, and combined speed/cadence sensors, just like we did last release with Heart Rate monitors. This will result in faster connection times and more reliable connections.


We improved our XML map style files to avoid formatting issues.

Bug Fixes:

- We’ve fixed a bug that could cause a ride to be erased while still recording if a sensor disconnected at certain times. Note: this is a different bug than was fixed on April 8th, but it had similar symptoms.
- We’ve fixed an issue that caused a delay between Karoo receiving a signal from radars or electronic shifting systems and Karoo reflecting that signal to the user. This led to slow warnings about approaching cars, which is a safety concern, and could lead to the gearing data fields seeming out of sync with the drivetrain.
- We fixed a bug that could cause Karoo to stop receiving some fraction of the data from sensors that are otherwise connected (e.g. cadence from a crank-based power meter, etc.). Note: this is a different bug than was fixed on May 6th, but it had similar symptoms.
- We’ve fixed two issues that could lead to an under-reported shift count from electronic groupsets.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Karoo to ignore cadence from certain SRM power meters.
- We’ve fixed a rounding error that could lead to Karoo recording one unit lower (-1 watt, -1 bpm, etc.) than a different bike computer connected to the same sensor.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent power averages from including 0s while coasting, even if your Karoo had been set to Include Zeros in averages for power.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could lead to the Shifting Battery % field not displaying the lowest reported battery level for drivetrains with multiple batteries.
- We’ve fixed two bugs with 20-minute and 1-hour averaging fields that led to those fields mishandling sensor dropouts and the starting of a new recording right after ending one.
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Current Software Version - 1.214.1051

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.214.1051
Release Date 17 June, 2021


Karoo can now detect climbs along your route and give you climb-specific information for each one. CLIMBER can detect climbs on regular Routes, routes-to-POIs, and reroutes. Climbs are detected based on a combination of distance and grade. Note: All climbs must be at least 3% average grade and at least 500 m long. Higher thresholds apply to Medium and Large climbs.

- CLIMBER can take the form of a tab that will appear for each climb, and/or it can be configured as permanent data fields in your profiles, depending on your preference.
- The CLIMBER Tab includes a color-coded view of the elevation profile for each climb. Each climb is segmented every 100 meters or yards (depending on your unit preferences), and each segment is color-coded to its average gradient. The brighter the color, the steeper the gradient.
- The immediately upcoming 500 meters/yards are identified for scale, and also expanded below the graph of the full climb, with their average gradient displayed to one decimal precision.
- The CLIMBER Tab shows Distance and Elevation left to the top of the Climb, and it can be opened to full screen to see VAM and current Grade, as well.
- You can add Distance To Go, Elevation To Go, Distance From Base, and Elevation From Base to any profile. They will only show data when in a detected climb, based on your Settings.
- You can decide how sensitive you want Karoo’s climb detection to be, choosing along a scale from Only Large Climbs to All Climbs, or you can turn - = CLIMBER off altogether. Go to the CLIMBER Settings on Karoo to configure this.
- Note: Entering a climb will trigger the screen to wake up when you’re riding with Battery Save.


We’ve updated our maps and navigation data, which includes all of the following improvements:

- We’ve fixed the underlying data for various roads that previously disallowed navigation.
- International, National, Regional, and Local cycling networks are now displayed on Karoo.
- Tunnels are now properly displayed on Karoo.
- We’ve improved the representation of sidewalks and one-ways on Karoo.
Note: go to Offline Maps in Karoo’s Settings to update your maps and navigation data.


We’ve added loading screens to all of Karoo’s apps (Rides, Routes, Workouts, Profiles, Sensors, and Settings). Now, opening any of our apps should feel consistent and smooth.


We’ve added a “Phone Disconnected” state to the Notifications Tab. If your phone happens to disconnect from Karoo 2, you’ll see a grey tab with a timestamp of the disconnection, so you can know to check your phone if you were expecting to hear from someone. The phone tab will go back to “normal” upon reconnection to the phone.

Note: Karoo 2 continues to search for a disconnected phone for 5 minutes after disconnecting and after resuming recording from a pause or auto-pause.

Bug Fixes:

- After identifying a bug with Karoo's ANT+ connection to speed and combined speed/cadence sensors, in the last release (version 1.210.1045), we've fixed the bug that was presenting issues with auto-pause and along with this implementation, we offer faster connection times, with reliable connections.
- We’ve fixed a bug that could cause extremely high battery drain if a certain Setting was in the process of syncing over WiFi when a ride began.
- We’ve fixed a bug that could cause the Time Ahead or Behind Competitors to disappear from the Strava Live Segments Tab when competing on a segment.
- We have replaced the algorithm for averaging data on Karoo with one that better accounts for how sensors can transmit data at irregular intervals. This will be most noticeable with longer averaging windows, such as 20 minute power, which used to seem “too sensitive” to changes, especially dropouts.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause rides to upload to Strava with the wrong date.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause sensors to be displayed as “Connected” when their required antenna was turned off, or “Disconnected” when their antenna was turned on, in the Sensors app. Now, sensors will reliably update their status when turned on or off.
- We’ve fixed a spacing issue in the Offline Maps list that could obscure the text that new map data was available.

Android Companion Application (1.8.0):

- We’ve fixed an issue with the Companion App that could cause long notifications to appear blank on Karoo 2.