How to Pull and Modify the Karoo Update Files for flashing

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WARNING - Here be dragons!
If you don't entirely understand what you're doing, even following someone else's guide could end up with you bricking your Karoo, or leaving it in an unsupported state with no way to go back. By all means enter, read and learn, but undertake actions on your Karoo at your own risk!
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Undertake any procedures at your own risk and make sure you know how to reverse any changes. You could brick your Karoo or at the very least put it into an unsupported configuration.
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How to Pull and Modify the Karoo Update Files for flashing

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Sorry, I meant to post this sooner. I was typically doing this myself, but I gave up the Karoo quite a while back (though I've been pulling and having Steve post updates, just not as timely as I'd like). So here's the steps on pulling the update file from the Karoo, modifying the update file itself (removing the system check as the TWRP recovery we've been using was updated with the wrong system info, so the sytem check will fail if not removed).

Of course your Karoo will need to have an unlocked bootloader to do this.

Run these commands:
adb shell
cd cache/recovery
cp /sdcard/
adb pull /sdcard/

Now the file should be on your computer. To edit the file to make it flashable:
using 7-zip open archive
in the archive go to:\META-INF\com\google\android\
Right click on the updater-script file and choose edit optio
Delete the info up to the print line, so delete this text: "(!less_than_int(1539695205, getprop(""))) || abort("Can't install this package (Tue Oct 16 13:06:45 UTC 2018) over newer build (" + getprop("") + ").");
getprop("ro.product.device") == "hx" || abort("This package is for \"hx\" devices; this is a \"" + getprop("ro.product.device") + "\".");"
Close editor and choose Save option, then select update in archive
Exit 7-zip and archive is now ready to be installed on device

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