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Re: what apps did you sideload on the Karoo

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 1:59 pm
by mgnewman
I am having the exact same issue. APKPure will not update apps. If you remove the app it will no longer install with messages about installation failed. This seems to have broke on the last APKPure update but need to confirm with other users. I am going to try to remove APKPure and reinstall to see if that fixes it.

Update: I do have a little more information although it may not be that useful (no fix). I cleared storage for APKpure, no luck. Cleared storage, removed APKPure, rebooted, no luck. I repeated #2 above but installed the beta version of APKPure, no luck. I downloaded an APK from APKmirror and utilized airdroid to move the APK over and the APK installed just fine. This appears to be an issue with APKPure at this point in time.

Update: Installed Aptoide (using airdroid) and updating/installing of app's works like a champ. Can't say that I like Aptoide due to the ads within the app. Really appears to be an issue with APKPure.

Update: I have installed the latest Karoo software update. Still the same issues. I have also noticed that installation of apps from APKPure is very random in working. For example Komoot will not install (I was able to download the straight apk and install) but Zwift companion installed fine.

Re: what apps did you sideload on the Karoo

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 8:52 am
by c0d3man
Any successful play with the Karoo 2?

Re: what apps did you sideload on the Karoo

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:33 pm
by OlivierCM
Today i installed ZwiftCompanion3.21.0 on Karoo 2 (through adb dos commands on windows 10) and it is fine.
I then installed Spotify1.40.0.apk installation was said to be successfull but it won't open : actually it just turn the screen 90 degrees :-/
So I ask to uninstall spotify but it says unknown package. the icon is still visible on karoo 2.
Any help appreciated!
An other question how to disconnect the karoo from computer? is there any adb command to type? i used adb kill-server. is it fine? adb disconnect didn't work