OSMAND Sideload Questions

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OSMAND Sideload Questions

Post by bhcohen »

I'm new to Karoo and have sideloaded OSMAND

I've been able to export a GPX file from RideWithGps and load it into OSMAND (with the assistance of Dropbox on the Karoo)


1) Is there a setting in OSMAND that will allow me to see the street names for upcoming turns? As it is currently configured, I get a directional arrow and distance for the next turn but nothing indicating a street name (even as I approach and execute the turn)

2) If I use OSMAND to record a ride, what is the most convenient way to get it off the Karoo (for uploading to Strava etc..)? I've been able to use 'adb' to copy it off but that was a little klunky

Thanks in advance,
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