Updating Side loaded apps with APK Pure

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If you don't entirely understand what you're doing, even following someone else's guide could end up with you bricking your Karoo, or leaving it in an unsupported state with no way to go back. By all means enter, read and learn, but undertake actions on your Karoo at your own risk!
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Undertake any procedures at your own risk and make sure you know how to reverse any changes. You could brick your Karoo or at the very least put it into an unsupported configuration.
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Updating Side loaded apps with APK Pure

Post by dabrown16 » Sat Nov 23, 2019 12:43 am

I have been trying to update the Komoot app using APK Pure. I'm able to download the pkg, extract it, approve the new access settings and click install. However, APK Pure returns with 'Installation Failed'.
Is there a specified way to update an app?

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